Floating modernism in Amsterdam.

Antwerp, 2008.

Me? I’m lazy.

Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam.

When David Lynch stops by Haarlem, this is where he gets his greasy meat fix.

Welcome to hell.

Traffic is quite a pickle in Amsterdam. 

Somebody paint some water over that fire.

Design is important in the Netherlands. So much so, in fact, that even Smart Shop aficionados demand their own comfortable back support as they speak to trees.

Participation always happens awkwardly inside the white cube. Paint a white square anywhere else, though, and participation will ensue.

It does help.

Somebody’s head standing against some trees in Beograd.

Crossing new art with the old.

Somewhere in Barcelona, sometime in January 2009.

Jaume Plensa, fountain installation in Millenium ParkChicago.

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